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One of the most important factors that concern detector users is the depth of the object. A deeper scanning ability to spot metals would bring many advantages to the user. However, there are certain cases where the identification of the metal type is more important than the depth capabilities. This is particularly true for searches on the beaches, where depth is nonetheless a factor to take into account, but a secondary one at that, given the fact that deep detectors would always react to the metals in the environment, whereas a device with less depth but ability to discriminat metals would be a better choice.

The deep scanning capabilities are related not only with the technology of the device, but also the size of the object, the time it was buried soil, and the soil composition. Targets which have been soil for extended periods will be discernible at deeper levels, due to the magnetic fields they emit. Moreover, in cleaner (less mineral) soil compositions, easier surface settings allow deeper scans.

In the light of the information provided, you should seek the assistance of the sales representative when buying the detector you wish to use. Specify the area you wish to use the detector at. This makes it possible to obtain a device better suited for your needs, instead of an unnecessarily powerful one able to scan depths you will never need, therefore avoiding extra costs and losses to be incurred due to the wrong choice.

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