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Mankind always tended to keep valuables in secure locations. Today, even the most advanced technology entails certain security weaknesses. That is why people consider soil as a secure spot. Burying goods in places where no one saw or knows, and recovering them later on is a common practice. Those who bury the stuff leave some marks to be able to remember the spot at a later time. If not recovered due to any reason, these objects may remain where they were buried, sometimes for years, and sometimes for hundreds of years. Treasure hunters interpreting such marks and certain information, try to recover the valuables buried thus, making use of detectors available. Treasure hunt is perhaps among the oldest hobbies, which sometimes pay out immensely, when practiced appropriately. Treasure hunt isn't always fed by a will to achieve profits. It is also a natural activity performed while trekking, hunting, or camping, by persons who love open spaces and living in the nature.

Many feel an emotional tie established with the past, through the object found, rather than focusing on the value of the objects. The spiritual value, that is the age of the object, the persons who used it, is more important to these persons, than the tangible value of the object.
People need different detectors in accordance with the areas they live in, leading to amateur or professional pursuits. In this vein, the following generalization would not be too far off the mark: The rich heritage Turkey has lying soil, given its history, lead the detector users to prefer the "Treasure Scanner" types more. In addition, the "Single Coin" category is also in demand in Turkey. Throughout Europe, the devices in the "Single Coin" category sell well. The Treasure Scanners are sought after in Middle East. The African countries demand "Gold Detectors" to search for gold nugget. In particular, the prevalence of natural gold instead of remnants of past civilizations reinforce this tendency. Northern America, on the other hand, is a market for "Single Coin" and "Gold Detector" devices. To the south of the New World, on the other hand, the market demands "Treasure" devices more, given the history rich in civilizations. In Asia, every kind of device is used. In Australia, Gold and "Single Coin" detectors are in demand.

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