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Detector rental services, which is sometimes found useful by users, have become a problem in and of itself. The detector market is composed of producers, primary dealers, and small-scale entities engaged in "trading". Rental detectors are usually found in such small-scale "trading" stores, without any direct connection to the producer, offering no guarantees and warranty commitments.

Such devices are usually those offered for second-hand sales, through the lease of which the store tries to generate additional earnings. It is not possible for a person to know for sure the conditions and complications the rental device was subjected to before, any repairs it may have undergone in the hands of unqualified persons, therefore if it works accurately or not. Even though the lease terms are short, the rent charged is fairly high. Other questions to be asked include whether it will be possible to scan an adequate area during such a limited time frame, and whether the lessee will be able to make efficient use of the device. On the other hand, rent for a few leases will be equal to the purchase price of a brand new device covered by warranty. Moreover, a sensitive piece of equipment such as a detector, based on an advanced electronics system and technology is not an ideal object of lease, when different users may subject it to different use cases and unsuitable environments, affecting the detector's reliability negatively.

One can safely argue that many of the stores which rent detectors lack in-depth and accurate knowledge about the devices, and operate solely in order to achieve revenues. Therefore, as a firm engaged in both production and sale of detectors, we recommend buying a brand new detector; Covered by warranty, service and training, Offering the ability to select the best model for the terrain and targets involved for the consumer, And providing a multitude of alternatives regarding payments.

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